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Principle Investigator 2009. 2009 Politkofsky Search Expedition. Shipwreck survey of Gold Rush sternwheelers and the Russian steamer Politkofsky at St. Michael, Alaska.


Participant. 2006-2008. Shipwreck survey of Yankee whaling wrecks at Wainwright, Alaska.


Participant. 2006. Joint NOAA, UAF, State of Alaska, and BOEM Shipwreck Expedition to Lynn Canal, Alaska. Assisted in the documentation of four shipwreck sites.


Participant. 2004. Shipwreck survey of the Gold Rush steamer Portland at Katalla, Alaska.


Participant. 2004. Shipwreck survey of the Russian sailing ship Kad'yak at Kodiak, Alaska.


Principle Investigator:  1986-Present, Alaska Shipwrecks. Conducted a 6-year literature search of historic source materials in preparation of the Technical Report "Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore."  This report is a compilation of Alaska shipwrecks from Russian times up to 1937 (1,200 wrecks described).  A database that contains these 1,200 shipwreck files and an additional 3,000 shipwreck files is maintained, updated and online at

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